NEWS!  (JULY 2022)

On 22 July 2022, The Seventh Beyond released their 20th studio album "The Storm".  The new album marks a return to the intense, deep, dark ambience of earlier albums such as 2020’s “River of Sleep”, in contrast to the lighter mood of the last album “Kaleidoscope of Mirrors”.

The opening track "Impending Storm" sets the tone, and the album's highlights include the doomy orchestral "Dark Rhapsody" and the truly hideous (tonally-speaking!) "Bleak Landscape".  There are some lighter moments (e.g. "Comatose Glow" and the strange "Recurring Hypnosis"), but overall the new album is a challenging but (hopefully!) an ultimately rewarding listen.

"The Storm" by The Seventh Beyond is available to stream or download now from Apple Music, Spotify and all good DSPs.