The Seventh Beyond is a studio-based project formed in 2011 by musician and composer Paul Trent, and is based in London, UK. The Seventh Beyond’s purely instrumental synthesizer-based music is a blend of ambient, new age, minimalist, neo-classical and electronic styles, and has often been described as atmospheric and mood-evoking. The band’s musical influences range from Brian Eno, Vangelis and early Tangerine Dream to minimalist composers such as Terry Riley and Philip Glass. To date, The Seventh Beyond have released 22 studio albums (including 3 “Best Of” compilations), and currently record on the independent label Everlasting Resonance Records.


Everlasting Resonance Records is an independent record label formed in 2011 as a vehicle for The Seventh Beyond's music.  Everlasting Resonance Records are digitally distributed worldwide by AWAL (part of Sony Music Group).  The Seventh Beyond's music can be streamed or downloaded from Apple Music, Spotify and all good DSPs, and can be listened to on YouTube and Soundcloud.  (A limited number of all of The Seventh Beyond's albums are available on CD on request - see contact details). 


Due to its very nature, The Seventh Beyond's music is considered highly suitable for soundtrack use, and consequently any sync licensing approaches are always welcome. (Additionally, all of The Seventh Beyond's tracks are MCPS-registered, and are therefore available for UK broadcast use under the terms of the IPC Blanket Licence).


The Seventh Beyond have featured in Prog Magazine on a number of occasions.  The band's 2020 album "Cast in Stone" was reviewed in Prog 116 (and described as "a fun listen for the keyboard curious").  On two occasions, a Seventh Beyond track has been selected for Prog Magazine's covermount CD - "Crab Nebula" (from the album "Sonic Universe") was the lead track on the Prog 118 CD, and "The Eternal Soundwave" (from the album "Eternal Soundwaves") appeared on the Prog 123 CD.