Everlasting Resonance Records

Everlasting Resonance Records is a small independent label formed in 2011 and owned by The Seventh Beyond’s founder-member Paul Trent. To date, the Seventh Beyond are the only band signed to Everlasting Resonance Records, but watch this space for further developments! The Seventh Beyond’s album releases to date are “Metamorphic Essence” (ERR 1001), “The Creation of Light” (ERR 1002), “Dark Matter” (ERR 1003), “East of the Sunrise” (ERR 1004), "Life Force" (ERR 1005), "Symphonic Dreams" (ERR 1006), "The Best Of, Vol. 1" (ERR 1007), "Sonic Universe" (ERR 1008), "Ghost Stories" (ERR 1010), "Hidden Treasure (Unreleased Gems, Artefacts & Curios)" (ERR 1011), "Green" (ERR 1012), "Eternal Soundwaves" (ERR 1013), "Imaginary Soundtracks" (ERR 1014), "The Best Of, Vol.2" (ERR 1015), "Boundless Horizon" (ERR 1016), "River of Sleep" (ERR 1017), "Cast in Stone" (ERR 1018) and "Landscapes" (ERR 1019). The Seventh Beyond's 2015 Christmas single "Heavenly Christmas Bells" (ERR 1009) is also still available.

Everlasting Resonance Records are distributed worldwide by AWAL, and all 18 albums by The Seventh Beyond are available digitally on Apple Music, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer and most other major digital stores.

CDs: A limited number of CDs of The Seventh Beyond’s albums are available on request. These come in a clear CD jewel case & include full colour artwork with an 8-page booklet insert (with the exception of “Metamorphic Essence” which has a single page insert). For enquiries, please contact paul.trent@theseventhbeyond.com.